Friar Tuck: A Jovial Friar and One of Robin's Merry Men

Most people are familiar with Friar Tuck as one of Robin Hood's band of Merry Men. Our dear Friar is often described as a fat, jovial monk with a classic tonsure haircut. In fact, references to Friar Tuck in medieval lore predate Robin Hood - so Friar Tuck has been around a long time. One of the first mentions of Tuck in Robin Hood stories is how the pair met, as adversaries. They fought near a river and Friar Tuck lost the battle of wits that ended with his carrying Robin across the river ... and dumping Robin in. He is portrayed as having a bit of a temper!

Jovial Friar Tuck Character Catskill Mountains of New York State Babbling Brook in the Catskill Mountains

Besides being a "warrior monk," Tuck is known for his love of ale, and often is used in the Robin Hood stories as comic relief. The term today has come to mean "festive" and often implies the consumption of large quantities of ale and spirits -- and possibly a bit of medieval style food, since our friar enjoys indulging in both. It's rare to see a monk in the 21st century, except as a popular Halloween costume, often called Friar Tuck - and you can be sure that person will have some ale just to make the costume authentic!